Update on Life


I’ve been a bit quiet here on the blog because I’ve been working on a new product line called “Under the Dreaming Sun”. Over the years I’ve struggled with presenting my art to the world because I have two different styles and I love them both, but they do not cross audiences. I have my fine art pieces with fall more on the realistic side, often feature nudity, and sometimes have a dark slant. On the flip side I have my anime inspired and cutesy work. I’ve mainly been trying to work under the banner as Artist Herron and include all my art projects in that label because I was marketing myself as an artist. I suddenly had the idea I could create a new line for my cutesy and animation styled work.


A few years ago I thought about opening a retail store to sale items, but it wasn’t going to happen for multiple reasons. But I did have a brand name that I thought was fairly pretty label that invoked cute and dreamy. So I started a Patreon,(Artist Herron Patreon) though it’s currently created around “Artist Herron” because I hadn’t gotten “Under the Dreaming Sun” out of the idea stage yet and the Patreon is meant to help get that brand off the ground. Helping me to create art and products for that label. I am creating most things in house at this time with plans to produce items with manufactures in the future. My short term goal is to start making charms for key chains and straps. I’ve noticed a big trend on pins with artist lately, but I’m not sure if I want to do that because it’s feeling pretty over saturated (but I guess so are charms so maybe in the future I’ll feel more like trying it). I have opened a Redbubble to promote the Under the Dreaming Sun products. Under the Dreaming Sun Redbubble

It’s been quite a bit of work to pull things together and I’ve been enjoying working on the art for it…..

….. But I’ve been having a rough week though. I think it’s been stressful making sure things are on the right track and that I keep things moving forward. The last few weeks I’ve been able to put my focus and time on the new label, but last week I was a bit sick and fatigued so I wasn’t able to really work on anything. Starting this week school’s back on and I’m going to have to juggle projects for that too. The first year I believed I managed my projects well and I do believe I’ll manage to do high quality work but there’s always the fear that I’ll have too much to and not the ability to juggle it all. I also just got a new job! I’m actually filling out the paper work this week so not actually working this week and the hours in the beginning are only supposed to me maybe 15 a week, which will be great and I want to use the money to fund part of the Dreaming Sun label (as well as bills). It’s just another level of time crunch and responsibility.

(You can order stickers or magnets on my Storenvy page)


I have also begun to think about deleting this blog. I don’t feel like I’m active enough to keep it interesting and it also feels like it takes up time I want to use on something else. I was thinking instead of a written blog I could do a video blog because I feel like that might be easier to keep updated. This is all still up in the air and just something that’s been on my mind because of all the newly developing stuff.

I’d appreciate any insight or comments on your feelings on if a text blog or video blog would be better to do.

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