Building an Empire?

Sorry for the late post today, I actually forgot today was Sunday until about 11 PM and then debated if I should just wait till tomorrow.

This week I worked on getting my web stores up to date and trying to market my merchandise/artwork a bit more. I’ve dabbled in this for a while now on and off over the years, but never seem to have a lot of success at getting attention, or should I say sells for my stuff. I make a few once in a blue moon and that makes me really happy to know that someone liked my stuff, but not as much as I would like.

I’ve had a Society6 store for a while but I really didn’t like the very little profit the artist gets from the sale so I hadn’t really did much for it but I decided it could be a good start to at least gain some interest in my work.

So I worked on putting two of my recent designs up there and realized how terribly slow it is to update the products on there!! It wasn’t too bad but definitely frustrating to me. After I got some new products up I decided to make some nice modern ads to help promote the new products a bit. I used AdobeSpark, as you can tell from their watermark and found out later you can turn it off on the web if you are a creative cloud subscriber so I will do that in the future. I chose to do it this way as it’s just more convenient right now and I want to focus on the products more.

I also decided that I’m going to have to at least do some fan art type work to attract people to my art and start building a following. I disappointed that it seems I have to do that but that’s where the internet community is for artist now. Basically it’s become over saturated with this kind of work and for many it’s a way to earn money more quickly.

Though I also know of artist that are completely original and they have strong followings and sales so maybe my work isn’t strong enough on it’s own? Well I do know one problem on my end is that I don’t create constantly or often enough which would help out a lot, but it’s ok I know my faults and that would be left for a different post.

In an effort to create more items that I can have on hand I have been trying to get vinyl Decals in production and these are the first ones I was able to produce. My goal is to have more direct sales from my Storenvy site but I need to have products on hand. If I had a good fan base I could do preorders for items but that’s not possible at this time. Right now I’m going to focus Storenvy on selling originals, prints, Decals and other handmade stuff I complete.

One advantage of Society6 is they have a built in following/customers so your product is much more likely to be found than over Storenvy so you have to promote that store much more overall. Though promotion is big in general for all artist web or physical store.

I made sure to post to Facebook and Instagram, and update my links here on WordPress, but I felt like maybe I could do more? I have been having Facebook bombard me about boosting my post or page for a while now and decided to give it a shot.

First I want to say Facebook’s as boosting screen was really confusing to me because I couldn’t figure out how I was going to be charge or how much… it just had different selections and I just wanted to spend the least amount possible for one day boost and I thought it was going to be maybe 2 dollars, but it ended up being 15… so I was really annoyed with it.

I suppose it worked in that it got my add viewed, about 90ish times on Facebook and Instagram but that didn’t lead to likes or purchases. Thinking about it most of the time I have to be bombarded with a companies ad a lot of time before I actually like their page or buy a product so I think to be successful with that you have to have the finances to let it run for a long time. Even then it might not be worth it.

In the end it just got me think about how other artist get their followings, like how does it happen? Sometimes it just seems effortless for them. I think sometimes maybe I’m to introverted or don’t share or open up enough for people to be interested in my work. If you think of an artist’s work as an extension of themselves maybe my work is lacking another dimension because I, myself, am not as interesting to people.

Maybe there’s an element of luck involved such as being in the right place at the right time and having a support group that helps promote you.

For me I’ll just keep trying my best! And good luck to all the other entrepreneur artist out there!

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