The Path Forward? Make a List!

Before I start this post I just wanted to share that this week I lost a member of my family and had to spend time with family and the things that go with sending off a loved one. I am also going to be working on a video of the funeral for the family. I started a previous video two years ago for my grandpa when he passed, but I never was able to put the time in to it that I wanted. Plus it had been years since I worked in Adobe Premier so was a bit lost and overwhelmed by it all. Plus I have a habit of trying to make things to grandiose¬† and complicated. I’m hoping to work on both videos in the coming weeks. My reason for mentioning this is that it has already put a curve ball in the plans I was making as far as getting on a schedule and making art consistently. So while I still want to follow through on my plans I will need to make some tweaks. ——


I’m a list maker. When I’m trying to find direction in life or solve problems I tend to make list to sort everything. This is probably because I have too many ideas and need some structure to them or to see things visually to know what I need to tackle. This can turn in to multiple list pretty quickly! Such as Idea A from a list then gets a list of things I need to do to accomplish Idea A… and so on. Generally I’m not to bad to sticking to two list at most. ^_^;

Here’s a list of the personal projects I want to tackle:

  1. David the Cupcake comic/animation
  2. Finish short story Thousand Year Kingdom and start my next story idea.
  3. Create craft items to sell (will have a future blog on this)
  4. Continue working on Graphic Design projects to build my portfolio to help with gaining employment.

It’s not a huge list, but everything on the list takes a lot of time. Though I do believe everything is doable it needs to be set to some sort of schedule and done until it becomes a habit.

Lately I’ve really wanted to get back in to animating after being away from it for so long (other than really short doodles every now and then). So I got to thinking about doing really short animations involving my David the Cupcake character and getting my boyfriend on board to do the voice work when I get to that part. I turned my focus on what I can do to get that started and streamline the workflow. So I made a list!


  1. Set up work area with dedicated area for animation, video equipment, and voice recording.
  2. Put short clips on Youtube to build an audience.
  3. Create Patreon
    • Come up with tiers
    • Share full video with Patreon subscribers

These are just a snippet of the list but I want to illustrate how they expand on each other. Like the Setup still needs a lot of work to be done before I can even start animating, but I need a plan of action of what to do with them when I’m done. Of course it can also look like getting to far ahead of oneself, so you have to toe the line and do whats necessary first. But I do think having a clear direction forward helps.DTC002Final

Right now I want to focus on work space set up, but with the aforementioned life stuff I wasn’t able to work on that. So I’m hoping to get at least started on it this week because that’s a big chunk of getting more productive with my workflow.

For the other things on my list I’m kind of just stewing on letting them peculate as to what or when would be best to schedule time for them. Like maybe for my writing I could schedule out one day of the week to focus on that? And the same with the craft stuff? It’s still a work in progress and it always will be because life is ever changing so you have to be too!


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