Why has the blog been stagnant?


I know it’s been months since I updated the art blog, though I’ve been fairly good about updating my Love Live blog, even though I have actually been producing a lot of work. I wanted to update my readers on the situation and what has been going on with me.

Last time I posted I mentioned that I was going back to school and was hoping to share my work from there. Unfortunately I didn’t realize my most worthwhile work was going to be kept by my professor I guess for our final portfolio in the last semester… I guess they don’t trust us not to lose our stuff and based by what I’ve seen of my classmates I don’t blame them. This caused me to fall off posting because I didn’t have any way to get quality images for the blog or finished pieces.

I did start moving in to digital work… but after I already fell behind I didn’t manage to jump back on the horse. Also during the first semester I was trying to juggle a job and a full set of classes and most days I was wiped out. I also had some financial stuff that was very stressful I had to deal with.


That all wrapped up in December and Spring Semester started. My boyfriend and I still had residual financial stuff to take care of, but overall things were better. I did not anticipate this semester being as stressful as it was though! I’m not sure why but I think we had some big projects overlap and that caused a lot of anxiety. I was also getting a bit jaded over going to class when I was trying to make high quality work but giving very beginner type projects where it felt like either I didn’t have enough time to make them quality or they just weren’t meant to be high quality in the first place. I did make some really great stuff though that I hope to possibly share in the future.

It all boils down to stress and not enough time to pull things together. Or looking at it, being able to use time efficiently, I had about 3 hours twice a week were I was stuck at school in-between classes, with not much to do. I started to learn HTML and CSS in that time to make better use of it, but still there is so much I could have done!

Moving on… the Spring Semester is over now and Summer Semester will being in two weeks. But thankfully I only have one class for that semester two days a week so I have a lot of free time. I am still looking for a part time job but so far no luck. So I figure I can work on my art business stuff and getting that back on track. Starting with this blog!


First thing I want to start doing weekly updates once a week. I will need to figure out the best day to update the blog but I’m thinking Sunday night right now, but I will have to see how that goes. I have a lot of past projects I can share my process and thoughts on so I hope to get some stuff written up about those.

The images through out this post have come from my classes from the Fall Semester at school.

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