Going back to the basics

In an effort to improve my chances of landing a graphic design job I’ve started attending college again. So far I seem too advanced for my current classes, but I truely believe that revisiting the basics always helps. Sometimes you kind of start getting sloppy and just plan forget the good foundations that you once knew.

Here is some of my Drawing 1 work:

I can’t remember the last time I drew a still life! It was nice to be “forced” to do one. Retrain the eye to look for detail again.

Here is my first Graphic Design 1 project from beginning to end.

These were my sketches for a logo redesign.

Line work

And finished piece. Which is one of my strongest logo designs yet(though I haven’t actually done many in general)

I also had time to do an extra design for this “company” (we were unable to find an actual company tied to the original logo and I now believe it was the designers personal work/study)

I’m so used to doing things on the computer now it was a challenge making the type look consistent.

Another big reason going back to college is important to me is to build connections. I know a lot of my professors have contacts in the industry and that may help me land a job in the future. Even if not directly from them, but from the reputation of studying under them.

Also I am looking to apply to internship and so many are only offered to students or recent grads.

The last reason is to build a stronger design based portfolio. I have a lot of traditional and animation focused work and very few graphic design pieces. I have been trying to work on beefing up that on my own, but know that I would limit myself on ideas. Having someone else assign you work helps you produce more diverse work!

I know it can seem like a waste of time to go back to school after graduating with a degree. Especially when the core classes are going over stuff you’ve already been through. But it’s all about what you make of it. And to me that review is helping build even stronger foundations. 

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