So many ideas….

In a previous post I wrote about juggling a lot of projects at once. You can read it here. I believe I mentioned having other ideas I want to pursue after I wrap up some of that in progress work. Unfortunately I continue to have new ideas pop in to my head! Most of the time the idea is fleeting and at such an early stage I can put it safely on the back burner with out getting too amped up about it. But today I thought of something that feels like it would be therapeutic for me to pursue.

The back story for this idea come from an experience I had in my life that has left a hole in some part of me. I guess there wasn’t a sense of closure and too many why’s. There’s also a part of me that wants to “tell my side” of things. Put it out there so it will stop walking around with me. Part of writing this story will give me some bit of closure I think. Who knows.

But it’s been really eating at me today about writing this story. Of course it would only borrow some things from my experience and have to be tooled in to a comprehensive narrative and part of me wonders if that would even be possible. At most it might be a decent length short story. That’s part of the problem, I would need to devote time to fleshing out the story, where it’s going, and what it’s purpose was. In the end it might only mean something to me. I don’t know. Maybe someday down the line I’ll just see what comes out, perhaps I’ll do an hour brainstorming and see if I have anything worth while to pursue.

On a semi-related note, since I’ve been doing #maywedrawdaily I’ve only been able to do mini quick pieces of work and I’d really like to do a fully fleshed out piece. Maybe after May, instead of drawing daily I’ll retool my schedule to give an hour or two to working on something more finished. I can’t do that daily because of my schedule but I can find time on my days off hopefully. Lately it’s been tough because I’m often recuperating from the week’s work I’ve done. But creating art is something I need to get back to and even though the drawing everyday has been hard, it’s been good as well. Plus if I work on these backlog of projects I might even get them done!

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