Drawing Everyday

The advice I always heard from other artist, in reference to improving, is to draw everyday. Which can be really hard to do when you have a lot of other things going on in your life. Like a full time job, or two, health issues, money issues… etc. It can be hard to find the time or even feel good enough physically to put the time in. It’s really admirable when someone at least tries to put in the work. It amazes me at all those awesome artist that are able to work on their art everyday. Thinking back when I was younger and had the time and resources I definitely put more time in my art, maybe not everyday, but almost everyday.

But life happened and with eking out a living the last few years I feel like my hands have been tied in many different ways. Depression about aspects of my life often keep me from being able to focus on my art for long. Like it’s another thing that overwhelms me. The lack of money to put in to my work holds me back often too. I do my best to find ways around it… needless to say it’s been a tough few years but I keep trudging along.

Some where I figure it will all work out someday.

My personal art making struggles are only part of the purpose for this post. At the end of April I decided to try and draw SOMETHING every day. Even if it was just little doodles. I started with working on coloring the last of the Pin-up Calendar Girl (I have some streams on Youtube if you want to watch them: My Channel) then moved to small bristol sketch cards. The small dimensions of the cards gave me more time to compelete them, but even then I found myself struggling somedays to complete them. My work schedule is unconventional so on those days I’m usually much more tired and it’s hard for me to motivate myself, but I at least have gotten some things on paper and I like most of them too! Here’s a preview of most of the work I’ve done:

This month’s artwork so far. I could only fit 10 of them in the collage though.

Funny enough a lady I follow on Instagram (Audraauclair) and her artist friend started #maywedrawdaily so I’ve been using that as extra motivation to keep drawing everyday. What originally started the idea for me is an update to my calendar app on my phone that lets to track goals. My first one was exercising twice a week (so far so good!) which seems like something standard in a tool like that, but then I noticed they had drawing or working on art on there too and I was like I’m gonna do it!

I’m one of those people that, if it’s scheduled on my calendar I’m almost bound to do it or I’ll feel like crap. It’s also easier to remember I have to do it that day. It’s been working pretty good for me.

I still wish I spent more time with my work, getting it finished and ready to sell. I berate myself at times for sitting around watching tv when I could use that time to work. Though usually I’m already so drained and my art taxes me because I put too much pressure on myself. Perfectionist, even though my work isn’t perfect… does that make sense.

Any way it’s a start and I hope it helps me start good habits with working on my art.

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