Juggling Projects.

Generally I find myself in the middle of multiple projects at once. I think many artist are like this, but for me I always feel stressed that I will never finish something and I hate feeling like I got lazy. I’m sure a lot of it is interest in the project fading and finding out it wasn’t as great as you originally thought. Mostly I find there’s a lot of other constraints that pop up. The two biggest are time and money. I’m going to list a few projects that I have going on that I haven’t been able to complete for one reason or another. They are still being worked on and in progress.

First is,

Anime Pin Up Calendar:


I started this back in 2007. The idea came from a pencil sketch of the bikini girl and I thought it would be fun to do a calendar. At the time I was seeing a lot of Ero art (erotic art) from Japanese artist and Found it interesting how they often creatively toed the line of erotic with out being straight pornography (there’s plenty of that though too).

Progress had been slow on the calendar, first was drawing all the pages, then doing the final line work, then scanning the line work in, and lastly coloring in photoshop. Which my computer at the time struggled with. I was using a Mac Book Pro and while it was a good computer, there’s only so much processing power it can do with large complicated files I was painting.

Where am I at now: I have two more month to finish coloring and one of those is almost completed (say 85%) and I hope to get to that one some time today. I actually had a mostly complete calendar printed by shutterfly because it was free and I threw in 2 random, but fitting images, to see what it would look like. It was pretty neat! (If you want to see it check my facebook page)

The Thousand Year Kingdom:

Next is a book I am righting again started sometime in 2006. I was going really well on my writing for a while, though after I got a job it was hard finding the time to devote too it. I got I about 8 chapters in before my computer died. I’ve needed to take it in to either have it repaired or retrieve the hard drive, but I figure it’ll be costly and I don’t have the money to do it. That’s not to say I completely stopped working on it. I’ve been planning the later chapters and writing some of it. But I hesitate to write a bunch which I’ll need to transfer over, but the bigger issue is I’m not 100% sure where I stopped in the original file. I’m pretty sure I have more written then the older version I have access too. So I’m a bit stuck on proceeding on that one.

I also have other stories I want to work on, but they are kind of on hold until I can finish The Thousand Year Kingdom.

Multiple Drawings and Paintings:
I have multiple art projects in different stages. Some I’m still sketching, some are half painted, and others are needing to be colored. I don’t really know how I ended up having multiple works in progress. I used to work on one, maybe two, things until they were completed, but some where my project list kept growing. Generally I think I forget about something I started for a while then I run across it again and am like “WHOA! I need to finish that.”

These are just a few examples of the projects I have in process. There are many more projects I wish to develop in the future, but I am holding back until a few of these past projects are wrapped up.
The bad thing about having all these pending completion projects is it stress me out! I always feel like if I don’t finish or see something through I have failed somehow.

The good thing about multiple projects is there’s always something there so you don’t get bored or burned out creatively. Also sometimes you come back to a project with better skills then you would have had if you finished it the first time. I do often find myself stalling on a project just to think about it before committing to doing something to it. It helps in finding the direction you want to go with it.

So there’s a little of my behind the scenes artist life!


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