I like Sailor Moon, but so do you?

Or why do you seem so different??


I fell in love with Sailor Moon back when it first started on Fox in the early 90’s. Truthfully, at first, I thought it was dumb and made fun of it(to myself). To me it was one of those Japanese shows that just wasn’t as good as American animation.

This was during Christmas break, when I came across one of the early episodes and as much as I thought it would be dumb I tuned in everyday during the break. As soon as school started again I had my mom record them for me(before I quickly learned how to program the VCR); I wouldn’t make it home in time to see the show as it came on right when I got out of school.

I had found Sailor Moon after I was dealing with a bout of major depression. I had just started middle school and my grandmother had just died. She was my second mom so I took it really hard and had two things happen; I shut down and became bitter. Sailor Moon turned that around. Usagi(Serena) had doubts, fears, and wasn’t really good at anything, but she had hope and unwavering faith. She stood by her friends and believed in the good in people. That’s the message from Sailor Moon that I took in to my heart.


But this post isn’t about me, it’s about the fans that don’t seem to embody the spirit of Sailor Moon. The majority of Sailor Moon fans I have met have been awesome people and seem pretty nice, but there was one girl that still stands out in my mind because she said she loved Sailor Moon, but she is so different from what the shows message is. This girl manipulated people, lied, was a back stabber and a cheater. If she had good qualities I question now if they were genuine or a mask?


I know I’m likely putting too much in to people being like the entertainment they watch, but to some degree there’s a base line to what you enjoy being in tune with who you are a little. But this girl seemed so different from Sailor Moon.

It hit me today and hence why I made this blog post, I don’t doubt she liked Sailor Moon, but I’m speculating she liked it for the pretty transformations, magic, and romance and not so much for the message. Those things make the show fun! But if you can look deeper like some people you can see the core of the show too. And that core message of love, friendship, and hope is what makes it a show that I can watch over and over again.


I don’t feel betrayed now thinking how can that girl like Sailor Moon, because I realize I was assigning my own feelings of Sailor Moon to her and she is completely different to me. There are people on both sides of the fence and most of the time there’s over lap between the two.


I also think that’s a reason Sailor Moon Crystal was so splitting among fans. One set was wanting the depth that the original anime had and didn’t get that so they were let down. The camp that was fine with Crystal was the camp that liked the romance and the pretty artwork and Crystal, though faltering at times, put it’s focus on that. That’s what’s so great about Sailor Moon the layers work together. It can be a deep show or it can be fluff, the right mix and it makes magic.


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  1. Agreed. Sailor Moon has such a progressive and wonderful story that really can only be realized by us as fans.

    Though I will say that they have improved Sailor Moon Crystal drastically in its third season. And this is coming from someone who often tears the first two Crystal seasons apart. Ruthlessly.


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